Tin Tours Sp. z o.o. sells products made of natural materials. Our product range extends across Polish wickerwork and goods imported from the Far East.

Choose from a vast range of household goods, such as wicker baskets, rattan baskets, baskets made in Poland and imported ones, bamboo, rattan and wicker furniture, placemats, mats and doormats.

Also shop for our gardening products, such as various wickerwork, poles and plant supports, as well as a variety of growing media.

Customer Service:

tel.:+48 695-415-257

e-mail: tin@tintours.pl

Household products Choose from a vast range of baskets made of bamboo, rattan and fresh cut palm leaves. We offer products of various sizes and shapes.... Gardening products Discover variety of garden baskets, bamboo poles and plant supports for decoration and planting. Shop our selection of balcony flower... Floratin growing media (substrates) Shop for a selection of natural growing media (coco coir and peat-based media) supporting fast and healthy development of many flowers...